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DVDRip 2-11-2016

Pretendentas The Pretender

Pridėta: 2 Sezonas

Parker, Sydney, and Broots follow Jarod to Mexico, where he lived as a brother. He turns up back in the US, posing as an anatomy professor. Meanwhile, Miss Parker returns to the Centre and finds a Mr. Lyle is "filling in" for her father, who has been missing for several weeks. He has brought in a new cleaner, Brigitte. She says she does not understand how Jarod has escaped them for so long. Sydney speculates Lyle was sent by the Triumvirate. Jarod calls Sydney and demands to know about three weeks missing from his DSA collection - he is having nightmares about whatever is in that time. Sydney was at a conference during that time. Broots finds a DSA - Raines and Lyle did an experiment on Jarod, where they stopped his heart and started it again. Sydney has no explanation. Parker confronts Raines, who says he doesn't know where her father is; he calls Lyle the Boogie Man. At the medical school, Jarod is trying to find Enrique, the brother of his student Fernando. One of the cadavers in his lab was supposedly buried last year - when Jarod digs up her grave, he finds Enrique inside - he had been buried alive. Jarod finds that Dr. Fein was, coincidentally, performing heart stoppage and restart techniques, and one of his subjects, whom Enrique had befriended, died. When Enrique balked, the doctor killed him.

Žanras: Drama, Fantastinis, Mistinis, Trileris

Metai: 1997, 1998

Šalis: USA

Kalba: Lietuvių (Profesionalus, vienbalsis)


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